FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Kick-start your FIFA 22

FUT 22 is an in-game mode in FIFA 22, so to get into FUT, you need to know how to start and run your FIFA 22. If you are a beginner, you can follow the FIFA 22 starting tutorial to learn how to kick-start the game.


What is the Ultimate Team?
FIFA Ultimate Team (also known as FUT) is a game mode in FIFA that allows you to create and manage your own club to play online and offline matches and earn rewards using any FIFA 22 players and managers as well as a collection of various types of cards such as club items, staff and consumables. By playing FUT matches and games you will be able to get better players and items so you can improve your club’s strength and budget.


FUT Players, Items and How to Get Them
All players, managers, staff, club items and consumables are available as card items in FUT. These card items can be gained as rewards by playing FUT games, can be received by opening FUT packs and can be bought and traded in the FUT online market which is called the Transfer Market. To buy packs you need to spend FIFA coins or Points. To buy players or any other cards from the Transfer Market, you need to spend



Coins can be gained as rewards for playing FUT matches and challenges. You can also earn coins by selling your cards to the other users in the Market. Points can be only bought from the Store.


What is Chemistry?
In FUT, the chemistry is a factor that defines the compatibility of a player in his current position with his preferred position, his squad’s formation, the relation with his teammates in other positions and the team manager.

The higher player and team chemistry rates your squad can score, the better compatibility and relationship you will have amongst your players and manager. The player chemistry connections in FUT are shown as connection lines between them in your squad with red, orange and green colours, where red means the lowest chemistry, orange is the mid range level and green is the highest rate. Learn how the chemistry works in FIFA 22.



















Getting Prepared and Started
Before jumping into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you may want to learn about how to start FIFA 22. After this, we suggest you to get prepared for FIFA 22 and FUT 22, especially when you are shifting from FUT 21 to FUT 22, so you can carryover your FUT data and progress to FIFA 22.


Follow the In-game Instructions
Next, you can go ahead and launch the Ultimate Team mode from the PLAY tab in FIFA 22 main menu. When you launch the FUT for the first time, the system instructs you on how to play and run your Club in FUT. Just follow the step to create your club and learn how to play it properly:


Select a Country
The first thing you will be asked for in FUT is to choose a country from a country list given. The country you select will put more players from that nationality on your starting squad.


Your First Squad
After choosing a country, the system will give you 22 players plus a loan player who are mostly coming from the country you chose before – A loan player comes with a limited number of matches, when they reaches the limitation they will leave your club.


Your Club Identity
Now, you are required to choose your club home & away kits from the choices you get. Then you need to choose your club crest from the given collection. Don’t worry, later you can change your club kits and badge with the ones you get from the game.


Complete the Objectives
Next, you will need to complete the “Welcome to FUT” objective. Get the reward of your completed task first, then you need to play your first Season match. Make your squad ready by putting the best players in your Starting 11. The players who have better OVR ratings are considered the best players in your squad. Don’t forget to place them in they preferred positions. Try to get the highest possible Team Rating and Team


Chemistry in your squad.

After completing your match, you need to buy a player from the Transfer Market as for the next objective. After you bought a new player, your third objective is to play another match and let your new player play that match

Keep Playing & Exploring
The more matches and challenges you play, the more rewards you gain. This means your club will get more rich by getting more coins and card items. There are many ways to earn rewards and coins in FUT 22, one of the ways to get good player card is to play Squad Building Challenges mode (SBC).

Playing online and offline matches will also cause you to earn match coins, plus packs as rewards. It also teaches you how to improve your gameplay and work on your team chemistry etc.

Try to open packs more often and during the promotional events so you get more chance to get special player cards.

Trade items in the Transfer Market, trading cards there could help you increase your club’s budget and more earn coins. Don’t forget that you can manage your FUT club using the FIFA 22 web app and the companion app so you can access FUT 22 using your mobile devices from anywhere.


FUT Web App
One of the best ways to stay on top of your FUT squad is by using the FUT Web App.

Buy and sell players on the go in this easy-to-use app, as well as manage your squads. It can save you bags of time fiddling about in-game.

The app is available on iOS/iPhone/App Store and Andriod for you to download

Click Here to access FUT Web App 


Match Modes
We can’t see EA making sweeping changes to the match modes, but they could use some tinkering.

Division Rivals & FUT Champions
For those who play competitively in Ultimate Team, Division Rivals FUT Champs will feel much less of a slog.

download and get logged in today!

Match Modes
We can’t see EA making sweeping changes to the match modes, but they could use some tinkering.


Division Rivals & FUT Champions
For those who play competitively in Ultimate Team, Division Rivals FUT Champs will feel much less of a slog.


Squad Battles
For those who prefer to play online, it can be monotonous and time-consuming, especially when trying to complete objectives.

This is another mode that needs the injection of co-op in its objectives to become a really enjoyable FUT mode.


FUT Friendlies
EA has started to use FUT Friendlies for their objectives, and so far, we have loved it.

Having to assemble new teams has actually been refreshing from the meta squads we see on a weekly basis, although some of the ‘score in x number of games’ objectives have created new issues.


We saw the FUT 100 introduced on FIFA 21, and with the addition of David Beckham there were 101 legendary players available in Ultimate Team.

Four new players have arrived this season, as well as 19 brand-new FUT Heroes!















FUT Heroes to get upgrades?
Already a new feature, FUT Heroes could have an additional secret identity.

EA confirmed they will be in the game from worldwide launch throughout the entirety of the game.


Serie A integration
EA has announced an exclusive partnership with Italy's Serie A, meaning 14 of the Italian top-flight will be exclusive to FIFA 22.

















Preview Packs from the start
After bringing in Preview Packs towards the end of the season, EA will be using them once again.

The Premium Gold Pack and Premium Silver Pack will both have preview versions, so you can check before you buy.