FIFA 22 Career Mode

The Career Mode in FIFA 22 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different areas, Manager Career and Player Career. Learn more on Career Mode.


How to Play Career Mode?

Career Mode is accessible from FIFA 22 HOME > PLAY > CAREER (New Career/Continue Career). Select this game mode option and choose whether you want to play this game mode as a player or a manager.

Before starting your career as a player or manager, the system will ask you about the squad's update in FIFA 22. If you are looking to play with the latest squads updates (updated players and teams with the latest changes in real-life), you can download the latest and use the current and updated squads. If you are willing to use the initial squads (updated at FIFA 22 launch), you can choose to use initial squads.

Next, you need to choose whether you want to play as a manager or a player:


Manager Career
By playing this mode, you will take all the managerial and tactical aspects of your squad and you will be responsible for helping your club achieve strategic and business objectives across a variety of categories. Learn how to play Manager mode in FIFA 22 Career.


Player Career
By playing Player Career, you will be a young player and work your way up through the football world and become a legend. Eventually, you may choose to retire and continue your career as a manager. Learn how to play Player mode in FIFA 22 Career.

Career Mode New Features

Here are the key features of Career mode in FIFA 22 game


  • Club Creation & Customisation – There are more customisation options in FIFA 22 Manager career mode which includes customising your club Identity, kits, crest and stadium customisation such as even customising your pitch pattern. New Squad Builder in career mode will help you create your squad easier. Board Priorities will give you the ability to alter the priorities of your club’s board of directors. These priorities may influence the goals you obtain in all categories.

  • New Additions to Player Career – These additions include, Coming On As A Sub which let you to come into the game from the bench. Manager Rating, which is a system that determines how confident your manager is in you as a member of the team. By achieving all new Match Objectives successfully, you will solidify your starting position. Player Growth, which is redesigned putting the growth of your generated players in your hands. Additionally, Perks become available as you level up, and you can take up to three with you into a match.

  • Dressing Room Atmosphere

  • Transfers Updates

  • Expanded Stories

  • Dynamic Tifos

  • Authenticity